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TCT&A Industries is known for its custom sewing. We've produced products for many national, regional, and local companies both big and small.

This is a very short list:

  • Documentation pouches
  • Bulk mail bags
  • Modular medical trauma bags
  • Salt bags
  • Chain guards
  • Grain elevator chutes
  • Outfield covers
  • Industrial type carry all bags

Just about anything that can be created with industrial type fabrics. You provide the idea and TCT&A's creative minds provide the design and skill to complete your project.

We can also repair almost anything that is constructed from fabric, such as:

  • Outdoor swings
  • Covers
  • Swimming pool covers
  • Wind-screens
  • Awnings
  • Pergola covers

If we can create it – we can also mend it!

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