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Curtain Walls General Information

TCT&A Industries offers two types of building divider curtains. One is our Curtain Wall Trac which you slide side to side on a track that is mounted overhead.   The other is our Roll-Up Curtain Wall that rolls up by means of a rope & pulley system.

How the Curtain Wall Trac works
How the Roll-Up Curtain Wall works

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You can also call one of our custom product coordinators for a quote or assistance at 1-800-252-1355 for unusual requirements or large projects.

TCT&A Industries Trac System solves a multitude of physical, environmental, and sociological needs in:

Barn divides Warehouse dividers Paint rooms
Farm buildings Body shops Smoke rooms
Factories Wash bays Loading docks
Welding areas Car dealerships Airport hangers
Dust control areas Gym dividers Greenhouses

Should your needs be other than Industrial Vinyl curtains, TCT&A offers many additional cloth and mesh curtains for a number of applications. Please call 1-800-252-1355 and one of our sales coordinators will assist you in determining your Curtain Fabric and Hardware requirements.

Roll Trac is ideal for:

Restricting visibility for privacy
Protection against air-born particles or environmental hazards
Helping to reduce heating and cooling losses
Energy and fuel conservation

Premiere Fabrication Standards

All TCT&A Industries curtain walls are manufactured using Certified Flame Retardant* fabrics. The base fabric used for all our curtains is 14 oz. reinforced vinyl. The clear window section is double polished 16 gauge PVC which is also Certified Flame Retardant.*

Premiere Construction

All TCT&A Industries curtain seams are heat sealed for maximum life of the product
TCT&A Trac curtain walls are designed for industrial, commercial, and institutional use. These curtain partitions are functional yet attractive, durable, and strong. All metal components are protected against rust and corrosion to ensure long life and smooth effortless rolling, time after time.
Inside the top hem is 1-1/2" Poly webbing. This give our brass grommets holding power and reduces the likelihood of grommets pulling out.
Grommets are set every 18" on center.
The bottom of the curtains has a 3" hem with double loop steel chain reaching from one end to the other serving as a weight. TCT&A also puts heavy duty "D" rings at each end of our curtains to allow them to be tied down if required.
Velcro is sewed to each hem on both sides of our curtains 7'- 6" from the bottom. This allows the curtain to be secured either opened or closed or attached to a wall.
Window curtain walls have a 52" height window made of double polished 16 gauge PVC set 28" off the floor regardless of the total height of a curtain wall. Thus the top of the window is 6'-10" off the floor. The top portion is finished as needed to create the finished height of the curtain.
All TCT&A Trac curtains are manufactured 10 percent over width to ensure the curtain will NOT be too small to fit tightly against walls, beams, or openings.
Curtains come in: white, blue, green, yellow, black, gray, tan, or red. We will mix and match colors at NO additional cost. TCT&A has other colors available upon request. Please give us a call.  Click the color chart below to enlarge.

Curtain Wall color_chart2
Color Chart for Curtain Walls


TCT&A curtain walls are manufactured to meet your exact specification and configurations. The information which we have provided on this web site is to give you a sample of what we can produce. TCT&A is a custom manufacturer of fabric related products. We can produce a very simple or an unusual curtain wall.  For example, a curtain wall can enclose an entire interior dock, isolate specific areas for safety and privacy … foster noise abatement … and save valuable fuel and energy year round by keeping wind and cold out of the main plant or warehouse area in the winter and preventing the loss of cooled air during the summer.



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You can also call one of our custom product coordinators for a quote or assistance at 1-800-252-1355 for unusual requirements or large projects.

The versatile way to put space to work for you

Roll Trac Moving Curtain Partitions from TCT&A Industries offer a fast, easy and cost-effective method to manage the work environment by creating specific areas or zones by means of curtains that simply roll back when not in use. There are a wide variety of curtain sizes, materials and hardware components to choose from to form booths and cubicles of any height or configuration. And they can be installed easily by your own maintenance personnel without special tools or skills.

Curtain Wall Corner Partition

Curtain wall - uptoceiling